We all know that in some situation where two former world heavyweight champions compete is becoming more and more obvious.

Not too long ago,  Andy Ruiz revealed that he wants to fight with Deontay Wilder, if he overcomes Luis Ortiz in the match on September 4.

The talented Mexican-American boxer insists he does not take Ortiz lightly, because he himself did not properly assess Chris Arreola's ability in the last match last summer. In this matchup, Ruiz won the point after 12 rounds, but before that he was knocked down at the beginning of the match.

It's clear that Ruiz wants to be the heavyweight world champion again.

When the former unified world champion was sharing upcoming plans with Fight Hype, the star nicknamed "Terminator" said: "I have to come back and work harder. 

Another this is that the reputation was there, the talent was there, and all I had to do was stick to the discipline and put in the effort. Also, I need to choose the right opponents.”

“I didn't want to take easy games, so I waited. 

That's why I fought with Ortiz, because he has a very strong punch and is a dangerous guy. I won't underestimate him like in my last game. We really worked hard. If I win [Ortiz], I want to fight Wilder once he's back in the ring."

Wilder hasn't appeared in the heavyweight ring since his loss to Tyson Fury last October. However, the former WBC king is planning to return to the ring to regain what was lost.

The confrontation between Ruiz - Wilder is expected by many fans and experts.

The 36-year-old boxer admitted in May: "I can't stop here, I have to continue my journey. I must do that. I received a lot of requests. 

Of course, we know that so many people told me 'Come back'. I would say that I returned by the recommendation of the majority of the audience. And the boxing business needs me. When there's a strong American champion, nothing compares to it." He said.