The UFC top man, Dana White expressed disappointment with the outcome of the match between Yair Rodriguez and Brian Ortega over the weekend.

Now the highlight of UFC Fight Night this past weekend was the fight between Yair Rodriguez (14-3 MMA, 9-2 UFC) and Brian Ortega (15-3 MMA, 7-3 UFC) in the featherweight division. 

And also, it surely was a pity that it ended in an unexpected way, unfortunately for Ortega when he injured his shoulder at the end of the first half and helped Rodriguez win a TKO.

Like most fans, UFC President Dana White wasn't happy with the way the fight ended, as he had high hopes for it.

“It sucks,” Dana White said in the post-match press room. "So bad. It's a violent sport and things like that can happen. [The Rodriguez vs Ortega fight] looks set to be a great match. So you understand my feelings when these things happen. What will you do? 

He added It's too bad."

Dana White respects his wish to rematch as soon as the fight is over, but he's not sure if that's what will happen.

He also continued “[Ortega] probably needs shoulder surgery right now,” White continued. “I had shoulder surgery. It was a nightmare and it took a long time to recover. Let's wait and see what happens. I don't even think about that right now. But it's great that they both want to do it."