We all know that fans are part of the important factor in football, and we've found it hard during the Covid-19 pandemic when teams play matches in empty stadiums and such a dull feeling. On that note, here are the  Top 5 clubs with the highest average number of spectators in the world from the beginning of the 21st century to the present (July 2022).

1.  Dortmund – 76,155 people

As they call them BVB, the "golden wall" continues to be a spectacle no matter how many times fans have watched Borussia Dortmund play at home. Signal Iduna Park is famous for its football atmosphere and has a capacity of 81,365 people. To put it bluntly, they have won the Bundesliga title for several seasons with huge support from the fans.

The 2011-12 season saw Borussia Dortmund set a record for average attendance. They averaged 80,588 fans in 17 games during that time period. The Bundesliga giants have the highest average attendance in the 21st century so far, with an average of 76,155 fans watching their home matches.

2. Real Madrid – 70,016 people

The Benzema side Real Madrid – the reigning European champions have played their home matches at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium since 1947. The ground has undergone some renovations as recently as last year and has had a capacity of 81,044.

The Santiago Bernabeu is the second largest stadium in Spain after Camp Nou. This is also the only stadium to host two top continental cup finals (UEFA Champions League and Copa Libertadores). 

Real Madrid has recorded an average attendance of 70,016 in the 21st century to date.

3. Manchester United – 69.488

Manchester United is one of the most famous clubs on the planet and they have a huge fan following around the globe. The Red Devils also have a large number of dedicated supporters, which ensures that the team will not lack support even if they play in Europe.

Old Trafford has been the home of Manchester United since 1910 and has undergone several expansions in the 1990s and 2000s. It has a capacity of 74,140 and the Red Devils often play in front of a packed stadium. They have recorded an average attendance of 69,488 people from the beginning of the 21st century to the present.

4. Barcelona – 68.864

Messi former home, Camp Nou has been Barcelona's home ground since its completion in 1957. It has a capacity of 99,354, making it the largest stadium in Spain as well as in Europe. It is also the 4th largest football stadium in the world.

This stadium has now officially been renamed Spotify Camp Nou due to the need for sponsorship when Barcelona was in a financial crisis. The Catalan team has some of the strongest and most loyal fans in the world, having recorded an average attendance of 68,864 in the 21st century to the present.

5. Bayern Munich – 66,324

The current Mane side, Bayern Munich is the most successful German football club of all time. The home ground of the Bavarian football team is called Allianz Arena and opened on May 30, 2005, with a capacity of 75,024 people.

However right before moving to the Allianz Arena in 2005, Bayern Munich played their home matches at the Munich Olympic Stadium from 1972 to 2005. Bayern Munich also boasts an average attendance of 66,324 in the 21st century to the present.