We all know now that Oculus is one of the fun filled devices people play with when they visit any entertainment center or hub like Mall to catch fun and entertain themselves, bot only that some people buy this devices for home use.

Obviously, I mean obviously Oculus Quest is now widely used all around the world right now, lot of people are getting to Like this device more just because of its usefulness which is very cool.

So now, maybe you are an Oculus Quest 2 user who already has an Oculus account, And then maybe wish to change your username to another one that is different from the one you initially used before

And for now, I must tell you that it's time you save yourself the stress of cracking your brain for suggestions for new username ideas because this post will help you with that and more.

Other thing is that when it comes to changing your Oculus username, you need to follow this article to the end, it’s quite simple! When you originally set up your VR headset, you were asked to create an Oculus account and enter a username that will be shown openly in games. In case you don’t like the one you already used, here’s everything you need to know about how to change your Oculus Username.

Also just before you can change your Oculus username or the username for any Oculus VR headset, users must log in to the Oculus website first. After logging in, it will bring users to the particular page. Tap on the “Edit” button (where the red arrow is pointing) on the right side of the screen close to the current username.

Definitely after the above steps have been taken, the page will drop down a couple of new dialogue boxes. The left box will be the one you enter the new username while the box on the right is for the account password. Just fill the two boxes and click on “Save” to save the changes.

Right after you create a profile on your Oculus Quest 2, you will need to create a publicly visible username that can be shared on all your Meta Quest devices. You can as well change your Oculus username only once every 6 months.

While you change your Oculus username with the headset on, you will need to go online without it to change what you already set. This article will guide you through the exact steps to follow. Read on!

What exactly are Oculus Username Requirements

So in this aspect, there’s always a rule for every app no matter how flexible it may be. Oculus Quest also has its requirement for username change, here are Oculus Username requirements before you can change your Oculus Username:

  • The username must begin with a letter or number.
  • The username may be between 2 to 20 characters in length.
  • Usernames may include a mixture of letters, numbers, dashes, and underscores, but may not
  • include dashes or underscores consecutively.
  • Usernames may not have spaces, slashes, or periods.

The top ideas for Oculus username

On a normal ground, for a good username, it's short, simple, and can be easily remembered. It should also have its unique numbers and letters to avoid confusion with other users who have similar names or usernames.

Know that using unique Usernames has to do with branding your online presence, therefore it needs to be something that needs to be identified with you! Your username should be your trademark.

Of course from cool, to funny, to punny, there are several other username ideas that you can use for yourself. Let’s get started!

Also be noted that when choosing the right username is very essential. It is the first thing people will see when they come across your profile, and like the common maxim says, “the first impression lasts longer” and it’s also the first thing people will see once they search for you online. It is important to select a username that represents who you are and what you stand for.

We put together below are some useful tips that will help you choose the right usernames:

  • First of all pick a username that is simple to remember: This will enable people to find you quickly when they are searching online.
  • Then select a username that has not been overused: In case your chosen username has been taken by another user, try creating something new and unique. This way, there won’t be any confusion between the two users!
  • Make sure it’s easy to type: This will make it very easy for people to find you online.
    Ensure your username is appropriate: Avoid choosing usernames that are offensive or inappropriate.
  • Choose a username that represents who you are: This will help people get to know you better once they come across your profile. Choose a username that defines you!
  • Ensure your username is unique: To avoid having a twin user that already uses your chosen username, you need to try and make your username unique and spectacular.
  • Check the availability of your chosen username: Before you finally choose a username, ensure you check to see if it is still available. By doing so, you won’t have to go through the stress of changing it later on!
  • Think about your brand: In case you are using your username for professional purposes, make sure you select the one that represents your brand well.
  • Be creative: This is just the perfect chance to show off your unique personality!
    Choose something catchy: Try to choose a name that is very difficult to forget in a jiffy once people hear it. Choose something unique and creative!
  • Don’t be scared to experiment: In case you are having issues choosing the right name, try experimenting with different words and phrases.
  • What does your chosen username mean?: You could choose a name that has a special meaning to you! This way, people will know exactly who they are talking to once they come across your profile online.

That time you are choosing a perfect username, it is essential to keep all of these guidelines listed above in mind. By following these tips, you can easily come up with the perfect username that will represent you well online.

When Changing your Oculus Username

Right after registering your Facebook account to your Oculus Quest 2, one of the first things you do is to choose a VR username. This is the username that will appear on any online app on the Oculus Quest 2, therefore you need to choose a good one.

However, in case you want to change your Oculus username to a new one, you can follow the steps below. You need to log into the Oculus website and change the username there.

You can’t change your username directly on the Oculus Quest 2. However, before you can change your username, you will need to use a computer or your smartphone’s web browser for this. Follow the steps below:

  • Go to the account section of the Oculus website. This can be found at http://secure.oculous.com.
  • Sign in to your account. This will be your Facebook account, so this shouldn’t cause too many issues.
  • Search for the link that says “Profile” and click it.
  • Click on the ‘Edit’ button next to your username. In case you can’t find any edit button, then you will not be able to change your username at this time.
  • Enter the new username that you want to change it to. You will then be prompted to input the PIN you created when you set up your Oculus Quest.
  • Tap on the SAVE button and then click CONFIRM.

Your new username will be connected to your account. You won’t need to do anything on the Oculus Quest 2. Everything will be updated automatically for you.

The steps to change user on Oculus Quest 2

To change user on Oculus Quest 2 or add additional accounts to your Quest 2, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the circle icon on your right Touch controller to pull up your universal menu.
  • Flutter over the clock on the left side of the universal menu. Once Quick Settings appears, choose it to open the Quick Settings panel.
  • Select Settings in the top right corner.
  • Choose Add Account in the top right corner.
  • In case you don’t have an unlock pattern set up for your headset already, you will be asked to create one before adding additional accounts to your device.
  • Choose Continue, then hand the VR headset to the other person to add their account to your headset. They will be guided via the initial setup including signing into Facebook, adjusting headset fit, and setting up Guardian.
  • That’s it!

The Ways to Change your name on Oculus Quest

One of the first thing to know before you change your name on Oculus Quest is that you can only change your Oculus Username once every six months. Therefore, when doing so, ensure you choose the one you know you want to stick with.

Here are the simple steps to follow to change your Oculus Username:

  • Head to secure.oculus.com and sign in to your account using your previous information.
  • Then click on My Profile on the left-hand side.
  • Click on Edit next to the Username option.
  • Enter your new username and current Oculus password.
  • Tap Save, then click Confirm.
  • Your username should be changed and you will see it as active next time you log into your headset.

Ways you can Find your Oculus PIN

While you change your Oculus username, you will be prompted to enter your PIN code. Note that this is not the same PIN displayed on your Oculus Quest when you pair it with other devices, nor is it the same as your password.

The PIN is created when you initially register yourself for an Oculus Quest device. It is a selection of numbers and can be whatever you want it to be, similar to the PIN you use for your ATM. Most account changes will require the use of this PIN.

The PIN created for your account is often used to verify your identity and to ease purchasing in the Oculus store. Since the PIN is associated with your account, all of your Oculus devices share the same PIN.

We recommend you write your PIN somewhere safe or make it a number you can never forget. Your PIN can’t be used without the password, therefore do not worry too much about that part.

In case you have forgotten your PIN code, then you can go to the Oculus Quest website. Then, you will then be able to request a new PIN. This will be sent to the email address registered on your Oculus account i.e. your Facebook email address. Follow the steps below to find your Oculus PIN:

  • Navigate to your profile on Oculus.com.
  • Tap on Security in the left Menu (In case you can’t find Security, click Devices, then tap Security.
  • Click Edit close to PIN.
  • Tap on Forgot Pin below Save.
  • Tap on Request PIN Reset.
  • Follow the instructions in the email to reset your PIN.

However, note that it may take some minutes before the email arrives. In case you don’t see it in your inbox after a few minutes, you might need to check your spam folders for an email from no-reply@mail.oculus.com. You can also request another email by re-running the steps above.

The Basic Tips to Change your Oculus PIN

There are several ways in which you can change your Oculus PIN, either via Oculus PC App, Oculus website, or using Oculus Mobile App. Follow the steps below:

And to change your Oculus PIN using the Oculus PC app:

  • First thing open the Oculus app on your computer.
  • Click on Settings in the left menu.
  • Click on Oculus PIN below Account.
  • Enter a new PIN and then enter your password to verify the change.
  • Then tap on Submit.

Just to change your Oculus PIN using the Oculus mobile app:

  • Open the Oculus app on your smartphone.
  • Click on your profile picture in the top left.
  • Click on Account Settings.
  • Enter your current PIN, then enter your new PIN and click on Submit.
  • To change your Oculus PIN using the Oculus website:
  • Go to your profile on Oculus.com.
  • Tap on Security in the left menu.
  • Click Edit next to PIN.
  • Input your current PIN, then enter your new PIN and tap Save.

When Changing your Oculus PIN using the Oculus app for Samsung Gear VR:\

  • Firstly open the Oculus app on your smartphone.
  • Then click on More and then click Reset Oculus PIN.
  • Input your current password, then enter your new PIN and click on Save.

When Changing Email/Accounts on Oculus Quest 2

Oculus is a virtual reality headset that can be used to play games and watch movies. Here’s how to change email on Oculus Quest 2:

  • First of all navigate to the Oculus website and sign in with your old account details.
  • Then tap on “Settings” in the upper right corner of the page.
  • Once you are logged in, tap “Account” in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • You will be able to see a list of all your accounts on the left side of the screen.
  • Tap on your old account and then select “Delete Account” or “Switch Account” and follow the prompts.
  • This action will delete all data associated with that account from the site.

And be also noted that you can as well do this in the Oculus app by clicking on Settings >> Account >> Email.

However after all the above tips, we are hoping that this carefully written post has helped you to change your Oculus username successfully which definitely will be a good news.